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Digital book keeping – new ways

A digitalisation does not even stop when it comes to payroll and financial accounting. With an internet application DATEV Unternehmen online we are offering you a new and a good way of cooperation for your German accounting.

How is this functioning:
You provide us with your accounting records in a digital form (per scan or in PDF format). At this time you decide, whether you process the documents or not. You will save the documents in a data centre, where a regular archiving takes place as well. Your original documents stay at your disposal in your company whenever you need them. Old files being exchanged between the client and the tax adviser served out. Afterwards we will read and book the digitalised documents. Almost all posting records are connected to the accounting document. You can check the status of the document any time.

Your advantage:
A quick exchange of the documents or data starting with the creation and ending with the evaluation and this means saving the time.

The costs for using this application are at the moment round min.12,50 EUR/month (9 EUR for using the internet portal as well as min. 3,50 EUR for the provided storage place). You can easily count, how much storage place you will need using the storage place- calculator and see the expected monthly costs.

Are you interested to design your accounting in a more digitalised way and to raise your efficiency in this way? Just contact us and discuss with us, which possibilities you have when you go over to a digitalised accounting.

Would you like to contact us with regard to digital accounting? We are happy to be here for you!
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