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Questions about careers at RIEDIGER. legal | tax

A longer notice period is not an obstacle for us, as we understand and appreciate the importance of an orderly transition phase. If you decide to apply for a job with us despite the longer notice period, we encourage you to do so. We are always interested in welcoming talented and dedicated professionals to our team and are willing to be flexible to accommodate individual situations.

Of course, we offer you the opportunity to contact us personally and find out more about our company. We are happy to help you by telephone. If you are interested in getting to know us better, we look forward to receiving your application documents, including your CV and references. Telephone number: +49 (0)351 4383708-14 Availability: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 14:30

“In addition to a pleasant working environment, we also offer our employees a platform for personal and professional growth. The world is constantly changing. Continuous learning is therefore the key to innovation, success and individual development. This is why we support and encourage further training for our employees. Our support for further training takes many forms. We offer financial support for relevant courses, seminars or certifications that help our clients deepen their skills and advance their careers. We also create an environment that fosters learning and growth, whether through internal training, knowledge sharing or the provision of resources. We firmly believe that striving for learning not only benefits our clients, but also our organisation. By fostering individual growth opportunities, we are building a team of professionals who are not only professionally competent, but also innovative and motivated to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. If you want to advance your career and decide to partner with us, you can be sure we will support and promote your further training. Together we focus on learning as the basis for success. RIEDIGER. legal | tax employees currently benefit from the following further training programmes funded by the European Union: “English course for advanced learners”, “Legal specialist training”, “English language courses for beginners and advanced learners”, “Intensive exam course (to prepare for the tax consultant exam)”, “Distance learning course to prepare for the written tax consultant exam and for further training in tax law”. “Preparation course for the certified legal specialist 2021” or an “Online course to prepare for the specialist assistant examination in wages and salaries”)”. Are you ready to unfold your potential?
Contact us to find out more about our opportunities for further training support.”

“The phase of the initial training is very important! In your first week with us, you will receive comprehensive guidance. For this purpose, we offer an individual onboarding programme that is designed jointly by our HR department, quality management and other colleagues.

You can also use our digital learning platforms for this. In addition, a colleague will accompany you in the first few weeks to help you settle into our team.”

Please contact our HR department on +49 (0)351 4383708-14 and our competent colleagues will be happy to help you.

Definitely, we are very happy to receive unsolicited applications. Please send us your application documents to