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RIEDIGER. legal | tax: Ein „Great Place to Work“ in Tschechien und Deutschland

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass RIEDIGER. legal | tax offiziell als „Great Place to Work“ in sowohl Tschechien als auch Deutschland zertifiziert wurde! Diese Auszeichnung ist für uns nicht nur eine Bestätigung, sondern auch eine Verpflichtung, weiterhin ein herausragendes Arbeitsumfeld für unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter zu schaffen. Die Zertifizierung als „Great Place to Work“ ist das Ergebnis unseres Engagements für exzellente Arbeitsbedingungen, Mitarbeiterengagement und eine Unternehmenskultur, die auf Vertrauen und Zusammenarbeit basiert. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass unsere Bemühungen, ein inspirierendes Arbeitsumfeld zu schaffen, sowohl in Tschechien als auch in Deutschland anerkannt wurden.

Flexible working hours: Your work-life balance in focus

We offer a modern working time model that caters to your individual needs. Our flex time model allows you to organise your working hours flexibly and thus achieve an optimal work-life balance. You have the freedom to adjust your working hours within fixed framework conditions. This flexibility allows you to harmonise your professional duties with your personal commitments. We support you in giving your best without having to sacrifice flexibility.

Language requirements for new hires

We value diversity and openness in our recruitment process. Even though Czech and Polish are an advantage, they are not mandatory requirements. However, we value the willingness to learn and use different languages in order to strengthen teamwork and optimise our multicultural environment.

Our corporate culture: flat hierarchy and relaxed atmosphere

RIEDIGER. legal | tax cultivates a corporate culture based on a flat hierarchy and a relaxed atmosphere. We believe in open communication and valuing every opinion. Here you can work in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, while at the same time prioritising respect for every team member. Our relaxed attitude creates space for productive work and personal fulfilment. Welcome to an environment that values your skills and personality in equal measure.

Our office environment: productivity through privacy

With us, you will experience a working environment that is focused on productive collaboration and individualised work. Instead of open-plan offices, we focus on smaller office units with just a few colleagues. This deliberate design allows you to work efficiently in an ptivate atmosphere, have undisturbed conversations and concentrate on your tasks.

Dress code at our place: authenticity is welcome

Despite our role as a law and tax consultancy firm, we value a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. We want our employees to feel at ease and be able to concentrate on what really matters. A well-groomed appearance is sufficient for us to maintain a professional presence. However, we welcome diversity and individuality – so there is no obligation to wear a suit and tie. However, if you feel particularly comfortable in a suit, we welcome that just as warmly. With us, your personality takes centre stage while you work effectively and successfully.

"Working in this law firm means ...

… that my side longing for self-realisation has found a “home”.”
Klára Hrušová, tax consultant Liberec

… to make the highest effort and still remain a human being – and not become a machine.”
Dobromila Hodová, attorney Prague

… gaining experience from different cultures. In every sense: professionally – familiarising ourselves with the differences between legal, tax and accounting systems, culinarily, when someone brings delicacies from their country into the kitchen, or privately through personal discussions during our joint meetings, which take place in a different country every year. It often also means the challenge of understanding other cultures or mediating between different cultures when we want to convince our partners in the country – in court or before the authorities – of our innovative but sometimes surprising solutions to problems. It is a responsibility and requires a lot of openness, but the job is also a lot of fun!”
Karina Pielka, Rechtsanwältin Breslau