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21. February 2023

10-year anniversary at the Lauban location

Our Luban site celebrated its 10th anniversary on 29.01.2023. What does the work at the Luban site mean to the colleagues? Here are a few excerpts from our internal survey:

  • Enables professional fulfillment and development
  • Creative
  • Enables the realization that you can do more and do better
  • Ambitious
  • At the same time, a company that allows you to recognize and sometimes exceed your own limits within yourself
  • Turns work into passion
  • Group, team, diversity


“The firm is an amazing synergy of people with very many skills, personalities, temperaments, expertise, dreams and goals. A place where we meet to work together on solutions to the problems our clients tell us about. Problems that are sometimes of external origin, but sometimes of internal origin. Problems that originate with the client itself, such as the months-long and very dedicated struggle to correct the accounting in the SAP system, or helping to settle the wages and taxes of Polish employees & German employers who had previously calculated them incorrectly in their own payroll departments in Germany, and patiently explaining differences in the system of calculating taxes and wages, even though we are in a common Europe. A place where we grow, where we face all kinds of challenges, where we become stronger, where we gain more experience, and where we keep moving forward on this amazing journey.”


Congratulations and best regards from and to Luban.


Your team from


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