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5. December 2019

Common roots: 55 trees for our employees

We are a great team: No matter how long or fresh our employees are, all of them play along. However, together we are a part of a greater community, integrated in circles of friends, family, sports clubs, local communities — Against this background we also bear responsibility and we leave traces. The German journalist Kurt Tucholsky called this „Greeting forwards“, a greeting to the future. For ourselves and also for our children …

This is also our wish as a law office. That´s why we found a project, which we would like to support strongly, first in Dresden. It is the project Mein Baum – Mein Dresden.

The goal of the organizers is to make Dresden a greener place for living and to plant at least one tree for all inhabitants. This means 550.000 trees! Already in the first round 100 TEUR were raised, until yesterday in the second round it were TEUR!

We have also participated: Our law office booked 55 trees. These will be soon planted. We are looking forward to this plant campaign!