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12. May 2023

Karina Pielka: active in compliance

Compliance, in German conformity or adherence to rules, is of great importance for companies today. It refers to adherence to legal regulations, internal company guidelines and external standards, such as industry standards or data protection regulations.

The importance of compliance lies primarily in the fact that it protects companies from legal and financial risks. By complying with laws and rules, companies can avoid or reduce legal consequences such as fines or claims for damages. In the event of violations, high costs for legal disputes and reputational damage can arise, which can threaten the company’s existence.

Another important aspect of compliance is the improvement of corporate governance. By implementing compliance measures, companies can work more effectively and improve their risk management. They can also gain the trust of their customers, investors and the public by demonstrating that they adhere to ethical standards and act responsibly.

Compliance also promotes a culture of integrity and respect within the company. By providing clear rules and guidelines to their employees, companies can ensure that they act responsibly and adhere to the standards

We are therefore very pleased that our Polish lawyer Karina Pielka has been able to achieve the following qualifications:

Compliance Certificate – 1st level: Approved Compliance Officer (ACO).
Compliance Certificate – 2nd level: Approved Compliance Expert (ACE)
Compliance Certificate: Approved Whistleblowing Officer (AWBO)